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BBCS Scoring Breakdown


A) Head to Head Ranking:

The Head to Head Ranking has received an overhaul for the 2012 season. While this catagory is still a head to head ranking, it's based off of a league wide weekly head to head ranking. Meaning the top half of the league for each particular week will receive a win while the bottom half receives a loss. The total losses are what this catagory will comprise of when factoring the BBCS number. The points from the 4 catagories are added together to come up with part of the base BBCS number. The base starts at 12.



B) Roto Rankings: Roto points are earned each week for where you finish compared to every other team in the league for that certain week. The highest scoring team gets 12 points for the week. The lowest gets 1. The numbers are added together to form a teams Roto standing. The Roto Ranking are just those points added together and where each team is placed in those rankings, like the H2H, earns teams BBCS points. So again, the team in 1st place in Roto Rankings will add just 1 point towards their BBCS number.



C) Total Points Ranking: These rankings are just the straight points scored on the season by each team and once again place in order of where they are in comparison to every other team in the league. These rankings are usually very similar to the Roto Standings however, they are usually not exactly the same because the Roto Rankings don't care if you scored 30 points more than the 2nd place team for a week, you only get one more Roto point for the week. These Total Point Rankings also give teams BBCS numbers based on what position a team is ranked. 



D) Loses: The fourth catagory used to figure out the base BBCS number is a teams regular head to head loses on the season. Very simple here. The BBCS number earned for this catagory is just the number of loses a team has earned in each individual head to head matchup on the season.



E) Defensive base. While trying to discover the best team through the year you acquire wins by having great weeks and your opponent having terrible weeks. The head to head rankings are severely affected by this. If you didn't have points scored against you, you should have a much higher win total. So to try and put more emphasis on points scored teams will be adding points based on points against. The lowest points against will see 6 points added, the highest points against will add 0.5. (Increments of 0.5 instead of a full point.)



Pic 6



F) Once steps A-E have been taken care of, we have another task. The BBCS is supposed to be all about rewarding the best overall teams in every aspect. So for each week during the season, the top 4 scoring teams subtract 1 point from their BBCS score, the middle 4 receive no penalty and the bottom 4 will receive 1 point added to their BBCS scores. There is a .1 bonus subtracted for every high score week and a .1 penalty for the lowest.



G) The final BBCS numbers are a little more complex. We now take the Roto rankings and each team will now get additions or subtractions based on who they have beaten, and who they have lost to on the season. A victory over the team ranked #1 has you take 1.2 points off of your BBCS number. And each spot down is worth .1 points less. So #4 = .9 and #12 = .1. And it's the opposite for loses. If you have lost to the #12 rated team, you add 1.2 points. If you have lost to the #2 team, it's only .2 points added. Then these points are added or subtracted from each teams BBCS number to get the final BBCS ranking for each team.




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Bubby Brister Championship Series (BBCS) Information Page.

If you're a Fantasy Kingpin veteran, you may remember the original spark for the type of league that the Fantasy Kingpins has become. That spark was the Bubby Brister Dynasty League. It's formation only lasted for two years, but those two years helped to turn the Kingpin league into the deep keeper league that it's been for most of it's existence. And to honor the memory of that, the newly passed, by the newly created Fantasy Competition Committee,  official second style of scoring in the Fantasy Kingpin league has been named in it's honor. Taking it's basis from the NCAA college footballs setup of their Bowl Championship Series, the new scoring was known as, of the end of last year, the BCS. And while each team now has BCS rankings from the first 10 years of the league, it wasn't used to crown a secondary champion from 2001 through 2010. 

As of the 2010 season, the newly created secondary scoring had been just the Roto scoring. It took away the heavy factor of luck each week in battling head to head against a team. It gave season points, (12 for the highest scoring team, 1 to the lowest for that week), based on where you finished against every team in the league each week. And while even that was an improvment over just the head to head scoring, the BBCS takes it to the next level. As in the NCAA's BCS, it doesn't just factor in a teams ranking in multiple polls. The BBCS takes into acount a teams head to head standing, their Roto rank, their rank in points scored in the league, adds in the number of loses a team has and takes an average of all 4 teams in a divisions standings in all those catagories to give a strength of schedule for those particular teams. It is much more in depth and a true representation of who is truly the best teams in the league for a particular year. However, the head to head standing will not go away as a crowning of a champion. It is the classic method of it in fantasy football, but as the league has continued to progress, it appears that perhaps the league is at a point where there is a more complete process to finally proclaim a champion.

Going into the 2010 season, when the Roto scoring had made it's way into the mainstream of the league page, it was still just a sidenote. But as the season went on, and the basis for a Roto scoring seemed like a very novel idea, it seemed to grow momentum. The basis for the Roto was the first step in being able to crown a secondary champion based on a teams performance and not the luck of a weekly matchup. As it grew in importance, a new sidenote appeared. While it won't mean as much in players eyes, it means more to the eyes of history. While 2010 was the 10th year of the league, a Roto scoring was able to be retroactively done to the first 9 years of the league. Once again showing how the teams performed over those years and giving certain teams more of the respect that they had missed out on based on what seems now to be more of a trivial scoring. Head to head is the basis for fantasy football. But it no longer appears to hold the importance it once did. It will always be a part of the game, but now it seems like it may be just that, a part. And what should be in the coming years, the secondary part. In college football, every year they have the possibility of a split championship. And people can feel what they will about who the real champion is. And it looks like that has made it's way into the realm of fantasy as well.

Latest Playoff Champions

Arr Left
Pic 3 RhodeIsland Rams
Pic 4 RhodeIsland Rams
Pic 5 Newport Storm
BBCS #1 vs. #2 Champs  H2H Playoff Champs  Roto Playoff Champs

BBCS Bowl Game Setup


Pic 2



Rose Bowl


The #1 and #2 teams in the BBCS ratings, at the end of the regular season, week 14, will meet in the BBCS Championship game. This will be in week 16.


Pic 2



Sugar Bowl


The 2nd most prestigious bowl game in the BBCS ratings, the Sugar Bowl, will be filled in, in this order. First the #1 Roto team, if taken then #1 H2H team, then #3 BBCS team, then #4 BBCS team. This game will take place in week 16.


Pic 2



Orange Bowl


The Orange Bowl is filled in as such, first, any remaining division champions, then highest BBCS team with winning records, a team ranked in the top 4 in Points, a team ranked in the top 4 in Roto, highest BBCS team with .500 records, highest BBCS team remaining. Week 16 game.


Pic 2



Fiesta Bowl


Pic 2


Cotton Bowl

(Secondary Option)


The last potential "Prestigious" bowl game, the Fiesta Bowl is filled in as such. First by the highest BBCS teams with winning records, a team ranked in the top 4 in Points then Roto, highest BBCS team with .500 records. If no spot has been filled, then it's the next two highest BBCS teams. If at least 1 team in the Fiesta has a losing record, this will be downgraded from an A rated bowl game to the B rated Cotton Bowl. Week 16 game.


Pic 2





Pic 2


Gator Bowl

(Secondary Option)


The GMAC Bowl will host the last two teams in the BBCS top 10 that haven't been selected. However, if both teams in this bowl game have 6+ wins, this C level bowl game will be upgraded to the B rated Gator Bowl. Week 16 game.


Pic 2



Toilet Bowl


The #11 and #12 teams in BBCS rating will meet in the Toilet Bowl. The team with the lowest score wins the Toilet Bowl and is labeled the worst team for the season. This will be in week 16.


Pre-BBCS Bowl Games


Before 2011, all of the previous seasons available games were done retroactively and put into bowl games. These bowl games will not be considered part of the BBCS but are here for the complete history of the league. The top 4 bowl games would rotate so that the title game would be represented by each one once every 4 years. Here are the winners of those games.




#1 Sugar: Miami(OH) RedHawks

#2 Rose: Lincoln Lions



#1 Fiesta: Miami(OH) RedHawks

#2 Orange: Cancers Patriots



#1 Rose: Miami (OH) RedHawks

#2 Sugar: Rhode Island Rams



#1 Orange: Miami(OH) RedHawks

#2 Fiesta: Cancers Patriots



#1 Sugar: Lincoln Lions

#2 Fiesta: Cancers Patriots

#3 Rose: Newport Storm

#4 Orange: Seattle Grannies

#5 GMAC: Psychotic Warriors

#6 Toilet: *Miami(FL) Outlawz




#1 Fiesta: Psychotic Warriors

#2 Rose: Florida (CB) Gators

#3 Orange: Lincoln Lions

#4 Sugar: Newport Storm

#5 GMAC: Rhode Island Rams

#6 Toilet: *Seattle Grannies




#1 Rose: Newport Storm

#2 Orange: Super Mario Galaxy

#3 Sugar: New England Patriots

#4 Fiesta: Dallas (KD) Cowboys

#5 GMAC: Psychotic Warriors

#6 Toilet: *Rhode Island Rams




#1 Orange: Rhode Island Rams

#2 Sugar: Dallas (KD) Cowboys

#3 Fiesta: Lincoln Lions

#4 Rose: Newport Storm

#5 GMAC: Tolman Tigers

#6 Toilet:*FraminghamDragoons




#1 Sugar: Miami(OH) RedHawks

#2 Fiesta: Virginia Tech Hokies

#3 Rose: Newport Storm

#4 Orange: Psychotic Warriors

#5 GMAC: Rhode Island Rams

#6 Toilet:*FraminghamDragoons




#1 Fiesta: Newport Storm

#2 Rose: Framingham Dragoons

#3 Orange: Miami(OH) RedHawks

#4 Sugar: Psychotic Warriors

#5 GMAC: Virginia Tech Hokies

#6 Toilet: *Rhode Island Rams